2015 _ 030 Urban Songline (Vortex Rattle) | Latitude: 23.141501° N - 23.141918° N / Longitude: -82.351676° W - -82.352384° W - Event presented in the framework of the 12th Bienal de la Havana (framework), Convent of Santa Clara, Havana, Cuba

The Convent of Santa Clara in Havana's Old Town falls under the jurisdiction of the Vatican with the according laws. To guide a visitor transitioning and being displaced to the other side of the world stepping through the door of the convent a wind-chime, used in Cuban culture to ward of bad spirits and balance energy of a space gently rattles in the strong blowing wind. Music made from a recording of this 'Vortex Rattle' subsequently becomes the Urban Songline describing this transition.


Part of the project Urban Songlines, a utopian/dystopian series of collaborative translations of buildings, urban structures and public spaces into music through site-specific sound-generation. These performances are a way of connecting to places by listening to them as well as a research into how we use and experience the public domain and to what degree we can claim ownership over it, discussing notions of inclusion, becoming and belonging.

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