2007 _ (re-) Creating History - The Moore Space, Miami, USA

(re-) Creating on Miami's Surfside Beach a set of images taken 11 years earlier in Mongolia at the border with Kazakhstan whilst researching notions of authenticity. Two slides of the artist and his then-girlfriend, scanned and enlarged re-creating the scenes from the Mongolian countryside, re-staging the sets in a live theater setting, revealing back- and front-side of the beach-stage; putting himself back into that situation transposed into a radically new environment.


Two-screen projection, front and back view of performance, both 24' 13''


Several multiplex boards with sticker C-prints, traditional Mongol attire, home-made yurt, wood supports, sandbags



Daan Noppen - Director of Photography
Bart Groothedde - Camera Operator
Odalis Valdivieso - Head of Logistics
Mónica Hernández - Documentation and Editing
Tita Aaftink - Documentation
Lili(ana) - Construction, Documentation and Guidance
Efrén Candelaria - Concept Consultant & Driver
Christóbal León - Concept Consultant
Nina Dotti - Concept Consultant & Costume
Marcela Römer - Costume
José Manuel Mateo - Head of Stage Construction

Special thanks to Guigui, Ibett, Silvia, Janelle, Alex, Minka, Isaais, Estuardo & Boris


This project was sponsored by Arts Connection and The Consulate General of The Netherlands. The Moore Space is sponsored by Craig Robins, Rosa de la Cruz, Eugenio López/La Colección Jumex and Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, the Cultural Affairs Council, The Miami-Dade Mayor and the Board of County Commissioners.


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